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Justin Dauer | Graphic Designer, Author, and Design Strategist

Aug 24, 2023

Today, we have the privilege of hosting the multi-faceted, multi-pierced, and multi-tattooed designer, Justin Dauer. Over the past few years, Justin has established himself as a sought-after speaker at culture and design conferences worldwide, captivating audiences at events such as UXPA, AIGA, and Design Week. Now, he is about to share his invaluable insights in a new book specifically crafted for the creative community.

Drawing from his extensive experience and diverse expertise, Justin delves into a wide range of topics that resonate deeply with designers and creatives alike. From nurturing people-first workplace cultures and effective leadership to fostering creativity and establishing meaningful connections, Justin's book covers it all.

During our interview, Justin will guide us through various thought-provoking subjects. He will enlighten us on the importance of identifying and following our ""North Star,"" harnessing its guiding force to bring forth our best work. Furthermore, we will explore how design can significantly impact company culture, shaping environments that foster collaboration and innovation.

Justin will also challenge the notion of rigid career paths and shed light on the pitfalls of striving for ""thought leader"" status in the design industry. Instead, he will inspire us to embrace evolution and continuous learning, leveraging humility as a core value to remain students of our craft.

Drawing upon his own experiences spanning over 25 years in the industry, Justin will provide valuable insights into his transformation from a dot-com era designer to the influential figure he is today. We will unravel how these experiences have influenced the perspectives he shares in his book and discover the synergies between his concepts and the development of his new company, Anomali.

Beyond his forthcoming book, Justin's contributions have been recognized by reputable publications such as Forbes magazine, Medium's ""Forge"" publication, Aquent, CEO World Magazine, and A List Apart. Through this interview, we have the privilege of tapping into his vast knowledge and gaining invaluable wisdom from a seasoned design professional.

Join us on the Design Atlas Podcast as we delve into Justin Dauer's fascinating journey and explore the transformative power of design, fulfillment, and company culture. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened by his unique perspectives, leaving you with profound insights that will help shape your own creative path.

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