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Season 2: The Trailer

Apr 29, 2021

Season 2 Trailer

In season 2, Jens and Megan meet with designers and creatives from all over the world, located on all seven continents. Join them as they grow their global understanding of graphic design from hearing stories of unique and culturally diverse designers making a positive change in the world. Be sure to be the first to subscribe to get the latest episodes in your feed.

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Jens Bringsjord

Good designers are difficult to find. And while many of us learn, create and contribute to trends and advancements in the design industry, we continue to push the boundaries further. But that doesn't always make design easy.

Jens Bringsjord

I'm Jens Bringsjord.

Megan Luedke

And I'm Megan Luedke.

Jens Bringsjord

Where the co-hosts of Design Atlas the official podcast. Having travelled and explored cultures in numerous ways, we're on a quest to learn more about the meaning of design and how it impacts our world.

Megan Luedke

For the next ten episodes, we're going to learn from people located on every continent. We'll hear stories from an assortment of creative experts and how their cultural upbringing has impacted their outlook on life through design.

Jens Bringsjord

Every situation that you are in, good or bad, teaches you something. And from photographers capturing moments that educate audiences to make a difference in the world?

Guest Voice

Both my parents met at National Geographic and they were photographers there for many years, and so I grew up with photography around me.

Megan Luedke

And of course, we'll dig into some key issues facing designers today. 

Guest Voice

A lot of political issues are on the street. only by thinking about going green. You know what that means.

Jens Bringsjord

So buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride as we navigate using our Design Atlas. Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, to be the first to get the weekly episode in your feed.

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