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Graphic Horizons: Margo Stoney's Artful Journey in Environmental Advocacy

Feb 8, 2024

Margo Stoney

Season 4 Episode 4

In this episode of the Design Atlas Podcast, we sit down with the incredibly talented Margo Stoney, the visionary graphic designer behind High Mountain Creative. Nestled against the breathtaking backdrop of Montana's natural wonders, Margo's design studio is not just a workplace; it's a hub of creativity dedicated to fostering collaboration with conservation groups, nonprofits, and sustainable brands committed to the crucial cause of environmental preservation. 

Join us as Margo shares her journey in the design world, unraveling how each project undertaken by High Mountain Creative weaves seamlessly into the fabric of environmental advocacy, contributing to a larger narrative of sustainability and mindful creativity. Get ready to be inspired by the intersection of artistry and conservation in this captivating episode.

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