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Designing Amidst a Changing Climate: A Conversation with Dr. Rebecca Green

Feb 15, 2024

Dr. Rebecca Green

Season 4 Episode 5

In this episode of the Design Atlas Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Rebecca Green, a Lecturer and researcher hailing from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Green's journey blends the realms of graphic design and sociology, infusing her work with a distinctive interdisciplinary flair.

Fueled by a fervent commitment to effective communication, she directs her research lens towards the complex domain of visual communication within the scope of Climate Change. Drawing upon her seasoned background as a graphic designer and illustrator, Dr. Green delves deep into the nuanced landscape where design language intersects with environmental advocacy.

Through her insights, we explore the transformative potential embedded within strategic climate messaging, and the pivotal role graphic design plays in shaping perception and fostering trust amidst the urgent call for environmental action.

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